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Lighting Up The World With A Song

The London African Gospel Choir was founded to create a platform for artists from the African Diaspora to showcase their talents and touch lives. 20 years later and they are still going, bringing light wherever they go through the gift of music.

Our Story 

On a mission to popularise African influenced gospel music within the church and the secular world.
"This is where the London African Gospel Choir was born," says founder and director Crystal Kassi. We've turned off a busy south east London street into a secluded enclave ringed by trees and terraced houses, their wooden, brightly painted verandas overlooking a communal garden with seats half-hidden by shrubs. Exchange the UK foliage for palm trees and we could be in Latin America, the Caribbean or Africa. It's a fitting birthplace for a musical venture rooted in community and creative expression, and that's brought African gospel out of the black churches and into the hearts of audiences worldwide.  

Upcoming Events


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Public shows



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Corporate Events


Session Performances

Mike Muldoon , event director ILMC Conference

Crystal - it was fantastic. We were totally blown away by the quality of the musicians, their lovely smiling faces and the atmosphere they created.
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